me:does this look better one pixel to the left or one pixel to the right
me:I can't decide between these two incredibly similar colors
me:should this be on overlay or soft light
me:75% OR 74% OPACITY
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Anonymous said: ★★★★★★★★

★ On the topic of elves, my headcanon is that their lifespan is about 250-300 years or so. So because of their longevity, they don’t really get sexual urges. Likewise, they don’t get pleasure like humans do.

★  Kana is the type of person who always thinks she’s right even she after she knows she messed up. Too stubborn to lose hahah

★ Mardi and Lundi were in a duo band called Stripe Berries (in my really really old 13 y/o writings hahah they basically use it as a cover while they travel the underworld and fight baddies /what)

★ Fyfe would probably become a vegetable if she used too much of her magic ehe

★ I made Fyfe wear an eyepatch because I wanted to go against the evil baddie stereotypes hahah

★ Solisti wears colored contacts.

★ There was a point where I drew DM with glasses so much, it was hard to draw him without it. I really scared myself back then hahha

★ Eh not sure if anyone notice but Erynn has central heterochromia eyes

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Hi, have some Edda and Avere.

Hi, have some Edda and Avere.

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For every “★” I get, I will post a fact about my characters.


You can specify any number of characters you want. You may also specific something you want to hear about, but not too specific. :>

ex: ★ Fears 

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Old stuffff kait still moemoe

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squallmaster said: i’d bang this guy.


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squallmaster said: ★

My headcanon for elves is that they are sensitive to magic and their appearance are influenced by the type of magic they surround themselves with. Edyna and Erynn are bound by nature so greeeen. Niff…well he absorbed too much dark magic and too fast that’s why he’s as mysterious as the dark side of the mooooon….or he’s just a caveman and lived there too long (I’m still writing so nothing’s set in stone yet-)

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permafall said: ★ romansu for 5 charas pls

Aschton: He’d shower his lover with gifts (IF HE HAD THE MONEY) and is pretty affectionate. He’d like to show his love and make sure his thought and feelings are properly conveyed 

Kanalin: She’s as romantic as a stick. Not that’s she’s completely naive and oblivious to love but hmm…let’s just say she’s deadpan serious.

Erynn: PROBABLY GAY IDK I CAN’T SEE HIM AS HETERO SOMEHOW but he’s really timid and introvert and really uncomfortable around others. Might take a really long time for him to warm up otherwise UHHH he’s attentive to the other’s behavior and do little things for them etc etc hahah

Rimy: Ah, I just found the term for it the other day, Rimy’s a tsundere type B. Though, how to say…feelings come and go. She’d breakup at a drop of a pin once she loses interest.

Sven: He’s never ever serious, he’s just flirting out for kicks. Like, he’d go cat calling and then is like “Oh my god, she turned!!11!!”.

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random doodle because net died

random doodle because net died

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