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30min-ish quickie on sai

30min-ish quickie on sai

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thanks for the inputs! purple it is~

thanks for the inputs! purple it is~

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adeat said: Laharl-sama!


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What RPG class would you assign me?


I WANNA KNOW i’ll do a few doodle-responses as warm ups. i guess if u know my ocs u can suggest them too but the real star here is ME

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LK redesign for Clare with some liberties here and there as always (I added a tabard because the sprite had one)

I can’t settle on her cloak color though ( ´_ゝ`)

first one is based on LK’s original cape color heylilredridinghood

second one is based on her theme color (or rk alt palette if you will), I tried using gold/yellow rims but it’s too striking haha

third one is based on ro2 swordie’s hoodie color, it’s where I got my original idea from

mm help?

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Testing out new photoshop brushes and set ups actually not really since im bullshiting away from the tuts

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